Ballito Radio Controlled Club
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BRCC Flight Sequences.

Improve your skill levels.

Downloadable pdf Flight Sequences.
These sequences are designed to be flown by any plane that can roll and loop and to improve your skill levels.
All members are encouraged to practice these sequences and discuss any problems they are having with them with instructors and more experienced members.
Each routine will have a diagrammatic representation of the sequence including notes on how each manoeuvre should be flown.
Pilots from other clubs are also welcome to fly these routines at their clubs and fields.
Thank you Mike Stark for putting together our first sequence.
We will be adding new sequences form time to time to keep you focused and engaged.

March 2021.
BRCC Sequence 1 - Diagram  (pdf)
BRCC Sequence 1 - Wording  (pdf)
BRCC Sequence 1 - Tips (pdf)