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BRCC Rules and Regulations, BRCC MOP, BRCC Constitution, SAMAA Safety Code.

Rules & Regulations  (Updated 22/04/2021)     (The BRCC MOP is available on request)


1.      These rules must be read, understood, and obeyed to ensure the safety of our members, spectators and the longevity of the BRCC. Each page must be initialled and signed on the last page. A copy of the signed document must be emailed to which will be saved in the club records.

2.      The property that the BRCC is situated on, is privately owned and the owner of the property has warned us that he will shut us down immediately should he receive any complaints what-so-ever.

3.      To retain your membership, you must be a fully paid-up member of the BRCC, and pilots must be registered and certified members of SAMAA, (South African Model Aircraft Association)

4.      a) The club facilities may only be used by paid up members of the BRCC.  
b) Family and friends may accompany a fully paid-up member; however, it is the member’s responsibility to ensure their safety.
c) Model flying activities can cause potential injury to persons or damage to property.
d) Individuals who enter the premises (BRCC Airfield) do so entirely at their own risk.
e) The BRCC and its members will not be held liable for any such injuries or damages.
f) Pilots and Visitor alike, must familiarise themselves with our Club Rules and Regulations before visiting the BRCC Airfield.

5.      All facilities are to be kept clean and tidy at all times.

6.      No bad behaviour, bad language or reckless flying will be tolerated.

7.      If a member or guest does not comply with the Club or SAMAA rules & regulations, they will be subject to an enquiry which could result in the offender being fined or their membership being cancelled or both.

8.      There is an equestrian centre which also uses the land that the airfield is situated on. Please show respect and courtesy towards any riders. Please be patient and no hooting if they are in your way.  Let us aim to create a positive relationship with all people who use this land for recreation.

9.      There is also a path used by locals to get to and from work. Please treat them with respect and courtesy.

10.  The chain access control point to the airfield must be closed by the last person to leave the airfield.


Flying Times (Updated July 2022)

1.     Nitro or petrol-powered aircraft can only be started and flown between the following times…
a) Weekdays and Saturdays between 07h30 and 18h00 only.
b) Sunday’s and Public Holidays between 09h00 and 14h00 only.

2.     No time restriction on electric power aircraft.

3.     Failure to comply with these flying times may result in termination of membership.

4.     Please be courteous of our neighbours for the longevity of the BRCC and our airfield.



1.     Please note that flying alone is strongly discouraged, for various reasons. 

a)   Accidents can and do happen, and if there is no helper present, it creates a safety concern.

b)    Security is compromised where a single flier may be vulnerable to attacks from criminals.

c)   In the absence of a helper or spotter, there is no warning and guidance with full-size aircraft approaching.

d)   Also, in the event of an incident where there may be an insurance claim, there will be no witnesses to corroborate the facts. (This clause is direct from the SAMAA model club
application form)

2.     I will give right-of-way and avoid flying in the proximity of full-scale aircraft.  Due to the locality of our airfield an observer/spotter must be posted to warn pilots of the proximity of full-scale aircraft. This will apply to all flying disciplines including drones.

3.     The flying height restriction at the BRCC Airfield is 400ft AGL (Above ground level). This applies to all flying disciplines. This is in accordance with SAMAA and our LOA with King Shaka International Airport.

4.     I will not wilfully or deliberately fly my models in a careless, reckless and/or dangerous manner.

5.     I will not fly my model unless it is identified with my SAMAA registration number on or in the model.

6.     I will not operate models with extremely hazardous fuels such as those containing tetra nitromethane or hydrazine.

7.     I will have completed a successful pre-flight check of each aircraft and a range check before the first flight of each day. Do not complain about this rule just make it a habit before you fly!
There is an online “Pre-flight check list” on our website (April 2021) which will save a copy when you click “Submit”.   If there are not reports of accidents the copy will be deleted after one week.   Due to the new insurance exclusion clauses this is a must for every pilot, it is strongly recommended that you use this facility.

8.     Flying behind the No-fly zone line is strictly prohibited. Especially over the N2 highway.

9.     Under no circumstances may a pilot or other person touch a powered model in flight.

10. It is advised that you purchase a fire extinguisher which you should be readily accessible at all times. This is to prevent the possible threat of grass fires, especially in winter and any other accidents.

11. No-one under the influence of alcohol will be allowed to operate a Radio-Controlled model.

12. Remember – SAFETY COMES FIRST!



1.   Model aircraft members must be SAMAA registered members and qualified SAMAA certified pilots before they will be allowed to use the BRCC Airfield.

2.   If a member or guest is not SAMAA registered and certified they may use the Ballito RC Club airfield under the supervision of a SAMAA registered Silver certified pilot or above

3.   All pilots must have read and understood the SAMAA safety code and rules and regulations and obey them.

4.   When starting your engine your plane must be securely restrained and facing the runway or the bush area on each side of the pits.

5.   Make sure the taxi approach to the runway is clear before taxing.

6.   After landing, switch off your engine on the runway, do not taxi back up to the pits area with your engine running.

7.   Please make use of the pilot box. It is for your own safety.

8.   Model aircraft with an engine size greater than 50cc and jets are allowed. These pilots must pay particular attention to the height restriction. We also recommend that engines above 50cc be fitted with a suitable muffler to reduce excessive noise levels.

9.   Only five pilots may fly at the same time, fixed wing and helicopter pilots may not fly at the same time. Please be courteous to your fellow pilots, do not hog the airspace.

10. Always keep other pilots informed of your intentions while flying.

11. We recommend the downwind leg be at a higher altitude than the upwind leg.

12. Gliders are permitted but operators must comply with SAMAA regulations. Particular attention must be paid to the height restriction.

13. Our frequency peg board has been stolen and will not be replaced. All 35Mhz uses, please always check with other pilots that they are not on your frequency before switching on you radio.

14. In the event of loss of control resulting in a model aircraft "flyaway" event, King Shaka ATC are to be notified immediately via telephone on 032 436 5002 then the club Chairman 082 775 7765 and safety officer 073 151 5177.

Large Scale and Jet Pilots (Larger than 50cc)

1.   King Shaka International Runway 24 is when commercial airlines are approaching King Shaka to land, directly over this airfield. Normally in use with all southerly winds.

2.   King Shaka International Runway 06 is when commercial airlines are taking off from King Shaka towards this airfield. They normally turn away long before this airfield and are not usually a concern.

3.   A spotter MUST ALWAYS be in place and extremely vigilant.

4.   Please be vigilant at all times, any violations reported to King Shaka International could close our airfield permanently. This is due to the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) control of all hazard reports filed by commercial pilots. These hazard reports will result in immediate disciplinary measures by the CAA, which will result in the immediate closure of our airfield.

5.   All large-scale aircraft powered by 50cc petrol engines or larger the following rules will apply…

a.    It is recommended that engines be fitted with a suitable noise reduction tune pipe or canister system. (This is due to noise complaints from our neighbours.)

b.   Continued monotonous flying over the same built-up areas should be avoided or kept to an absolute minimum. 

c.    All pilots must obey the flying times on page two of this document.

6.   Jet pilots must obtain permission to fly from the BRCC Committee. (This is due to noise complaints from our neighbours.)


Flight Box (Please try your best to stay inside this area) 

These are all pdf downloadable files, please click on the link to download.